8 Best Vagamon Tourist Places – Activities, Hotels and More

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Kerala is known for its lush green landscapes, serene backwaters, and beautiful beaches. Often referred to as “God’s Own Country”, this South Indian city brings tourists from around the world. Several districts in Kerala promise an enriching vacation to families, couples, and friends. While popular destinations like Munnar, Alleppey, and Kochi draw in tourists from all over the world, some hidden gems remain in this southern paradise.One such gem is Vagamon, a small hill station located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. In this blog, we will explore the beauty of Vagamon. Let’s talk about the best Vagamon tourist places and activities that make it a perfect offbeat destination. Also, book one of the best Vagamon hotels that promise comfort and convenience.

Vagamon – An Enchanting Hill Station

A beautiful lush green view of Vagamon

If you are a mountain person then Vagamon is the place to be. This beautiful hill station promises a refreshing escape from the noisy city life. Tucked away in the Idukki district of Kerala, Vagamon has a cool climate, rolling hills, and lush green meadows. It is lovingly called the Scotland of Asia and is a great destination for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and anyone looking to relax in the lap of nature.

Vagamon Tourist Places

Come closer to a unique blend of adventure, wildlife, and nature. Vagamon tourist places give you every reason to escape the hustle and bustle of life and spend some time amidst the quietness of the hills. Here are some of the amazing places that you should surely visit.

Vagamon Pine Forest

Vagamon Pine Forest is a mesmerising escape into a world of tranquillity. Here, you can take unhurried strolls through the symmetrical rows of towering pine trees that seem to touch the sky. The symphony of rustling leaves and the scent of pine needles create a peaceful ambience. These aspects make it an ideal spot for walks, meditation, or a romantic picnic.

Vagamon Meadows

Vagamon Meadows are the emerald jewels of this hill station. The rolling green expanses invite you to wander freely through their enchanting landscapes. It’s the perfect place for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and those seeking to unwind amidst unspoiled beauty. The cool climate and lush surroundings make Vagamon Meadows a dream location for photographers. Beyond its scenic charm, this place hosts the Vagamon Ultrabike Championship. It attracts adrenaline junkies from far and wide for a thrilling mountain biking experience. Whether you’re an adventurer or a nature lover, these Vagamon Meadows are here to create magic.

Thangal Para and Murugan Mala

Thangal Para and Murugan Mala are two distinct hills. They hold cultural and natural significance. Thangal Para, important to the Muslim community, is a sacred pilgrimage site. The climb to its summit, though challenging, is immensely rewarding. Once you reach the top, you’ll be greeted by panoramic views of Vagamon’s breathtaking beauty. In contrast, Murugan Mala is a holy site for Hindus. As you ascend the steep path to its peak, you’re treated to spectacular vistas of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Vagamon Lake

The Vagamon Meadows Lake is also known as Vagamon Reservoir. It is a serene and picturesque destination where you can partake in boating and picnicking. Surrounded by verdant hills and tea plantations, the lake presents an idyllic setting for a leisurely paddle or a romantic boat ride. As you gently glide across the pristine waters, you’ll be engulfed by the serene atmosphere, punctuated only by the melodious chirping of birds. The Vagamon Meadows Lake is an oasis of calm. It is ideal for couples, families, or solo travellers seeking peaceful solitude amidst nature’s embrace.

Vagamon Waterfalls

Vagamon Waterfalls is the most renowned waterfall among several others. These cascading waters amidst lush greenery create an ethereal backdrop for nature lovers and shutterbugs alike. The Vagamon Falls bring a rejuvenating experience, where you can bask in the cool mist and water rushing over the rocks. Whether you enjoy a leisurely walk to the falls or embark on a more adventurous trek to reach them, the experience is bound to be unforgettable. Vagamon Waterfalls is where you can lose yourself in the embrace of the natural world.

Orchidarium and Floriculture Project

The Orchidarium and Floriculture Project is a floral heaven. It is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the vibrant diversity of orchids and other flowers. The well-maintained gardens are a visual delight, with a myriad of exotic orchid species in full bloom. The project also includes a well-curated collection of cacti, roses, and other flowering plants. For horticulture enthusiasts, photographers, or those simply looking for a peaceful garden experience, the Orchidarium is a must-visit destination.

Mundakayam Ghat

The Mundakayam Ghat is a breathtaking drive through the Western Ghats. This place has panoramic views and opportunities for photography. As you wind your way through the lush hills, you’ll be treated to some of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring landscapes. As you drive, you will see numerous vantage points to capture the natural beauty on camera. The Mundakayam Ghat is an excellent way to explore the Western Ghats. Even if you’re not hiking or trekking, it provides a taste of the region’s stunning topography.

Vagamon Activities for Adventurers

As we have covered the best Vagamon tourist places, it’s time to browse through some amazing activities that you can indulge in. Whether it is Vagamon paragliding, trekking, or a day at the adventure park, there is something in store for everyone.

  • Trekking

Vagamon is a paradise for trekkers. With its lush hills and valleys, numerous trekking trails cater to various levels of expertise. You can embark on an adventurous journey to reach the summits of Thangal Para and Murugan Mala. Every trek has a unique experience, from steep climbs to gentle walks through forests and meadows. Don’t forget to carry appropriate gear, plenty of water, and a sense of adventure!

  • Paragliding

Vagamon Paragliding is a famous activity to indulge in. It promises to bring a thrilling experience for adventure seekers. The opportunity to soar through the skies and take in breathtaking aerial views of the Western Ghats is an exhilarating adventure. With professional instructors and top-notch equipment, even first-time paragliders can experience the joy of gliding. The cool climate, clear skies, and picturesque landscapes make Vagamon Paragliding the perfect choice for everyone.

  • Nature Walks

For those who prefer leisurely exploration, Vagamon’s serene landscapes are a natural invitation for nature walks. You can choose to wander through the pine forests, meander in the lush meadows, or amble through the countryside. The cool climate and fresh, crisp air always creates a delightful atmosphere. It’s an excellent way to appreciate the beauty of Vagamon while breathing in the scents of pine and wildflowers and immersing yourself in the tranquil environment.

  • Boating

Vagamon Lake is a tranquil oasis perfect for boating. Rent a paddleboat or rowboat and set out onto the pristine waters. Whether you’re with family or a loved one, the experience is serene and enjoyable. As you gently navigate the lake, the verdant hills form a picturesque backdrop, and the peaceful atmosphere envelops you. It’s an ideal activity for couples looking for a romantic interlude or families seeking a laid-back bonding experience amidst nature’s beauty.

  • Bird Watching

The Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for birdwatchers. With your binoculars in hand, you can explore the sanctuary’s diverse terrain and spot an array of exotic bird species. The sanctuary’s rich avian population includes both resident and migratory birds. The experience is not just about birdwatching; it’s also an opportunity to reconnect with nature and appreciate the diverse wildlife that calls Vagamon home.

  • Adventure Park in Vagamon

Adventure Park in Vagamon is an adrenaline junkie’s paradise. It is an ideal destination for those seeking action-packed experiences amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of the district. This park promises an array of thrilling activities that cater to adventure enthusiasts of all ages. You can bring your kids and have a fun-filled day with zip-lining, rock climbing, rappelling, rope activities, archery, and zorbing. So, book your tickets to the Adventure Park in Vagamon and make lasting memories in the lap of nature.

Enjoy Vagamon paragliding, trekking, bird watching, and more to make the journey worthwhile.

Vagamon Hotels, Resorts, Homestays – Where to Stay

There are several Vagamon homestays, resorts, and hotels to select from. It all depends on what exactly you are looking for.

If you want a homely feeling then nothing can beat the gorgeous Vagamon homestays that promise to keep you comfy. Those who want to bask in the luxury and special service can check out the best resorts in Vagamon for family and friends. If you are someone who likes the idea of something in between, Vagamon hotels are there for you.

  • Vagamon Hotels and Homestays

Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Vagamon Heights: This resort offers luxurious rooms with stunning views of the hills. They have excellent facilities, including a multi-cuisine restaurant and a spa.
  2. Vagamon Green Hill Estate: This budget-friendly Vagamon hotel offers comfortable rooms and excellent views. It’s a great choice for backpackers and those travelling on a tight budget.
  3. Vagamon Retreat Hotel: Vagamon Retreat is another accommodation option that offers comfortable rooms with modern amenities. This Vagamon hotel also has a restaurant serving a variety of dishes.
  4. Pine View Homestay: For a more local experience, consider staying in a Vagamon homestay like Pine View. You’ll have the chance to interact with the friendly hosts and enjoy authentic Kerala cuisine.
  5. Vaga Hills Homestay: Vaga Hills offers well-appointed rooms with all essential amenities. This Vagamon homestay hosts are known for their warm welcome and are eager to share local stories and traditions with guests.
  6. Rose Gardens Homestay: Rose Gardens is another delightful choice for travellers seeking a homely experience. This Vagamon homestay provides comfortable rooms with scenic views. The hosts often arrange guided tours, trekking expeditions, and cultural experiences.
  • Best Resorts in Vagamon for Family
  1. The Kissing Mountains: This is a boutique resort that provides a serene atmosphere with cosy cottages. It’s a perfect choice for those looking for a peaceful escape.
  2. Green Palace Vagamon: Green Palace Vagamon offers travellers a blend of modern amenities and a tranquil atmosphere. The resort features a multi-cuisine restaurant where guests can savour a variety of dishes, including traditional Kerala cuisine.

Some of the best options to stay in the hill station are Green Palace Vagamon, Rose Gardens homestay, and Vagamon Green Hill Estate.

  • How to Reach Vagamon?

Now that you are all set to explore the hill station, one question remains – how to reach Vagamon?

Vagamon is merely 22 km away from Kuttikanam and 33 km away from Palai. You can catch a train or book a bus to reach your destination within 1 hour. Other nearby locations are Kottayam, Thodupuzha, and Kumily.

  • Book Your Tickets Today

Explore Kerala’s gem Vagamon with your family and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime. This hill station is filled with attractions to visit and activities to do. So, book your tickets, pack your bags, and get away for the week.

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