How To Book Vande Bharat Train Tickets: What You Need to Know

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If you are wondering how to book Vande Bharat train, you have come to the right place. You can easily do it online through the Rail Connect App or buy the ticket on the IRCTC website. 

How to Book Vande Bharat Train Ticket?

Booking your ticket for the Vande Bharat Train is simple, time-saving, and convenient. The Vande Bharat train booking can be done in two ways –

  1. Book Vande Bharat Train Ticket on IRCTC: 

IRCTC is the official portal for Indian Railways. Here you can access all train tickets safely. Here are the steps for getting your Vande Bharat Train ticket on IRCTC.

  • Visit the official website – and log into your account.

official website of IRCTC
Step 1 of How to Book Vande Bharat Train Ticket

  • In case you don’t have an account yet, create one by following the mentioned steps.

Registration form at the IRCTC Website
Step 2 of How to Book Vande Bharat Train Ticket

  • Visit the “Book your ticket” section and fill out the form.
  • Select the “From” and “To” locations.
  • Select the departure date.
  • Choose Vande Bharat Express Train.
  • Select from “AC Chair” and “Executive” coach options.
  • Insert your details and make sure to cross-check them before you proceed.
  • Proceed for payment to confirm the booking.

  1. Rail Connect App

The Rail Connect App was introduced by IRCTC to make the booking process simpler. This official mobile application is available on both iOS and Android devices. The process is similar to the website booking.

You can use net banking, UPI, credit/debit card, or IRCTC e-wallet to make the payment and book the ticket on the IRCTC website or Rail Connect app. Vande Bharat train ticket booking has never been easier!

Now that you know how to book Vande Bharat train, let’s learn more about it.

Introduction of the Vande Bharat Train

The origin of Vande Bharat Express Train is a fascinating story of innovation and modernisation in India’s railway sector. This groundbreaking project emerged from a pressing need to transform the country’s ageing railway infrastructure. 

The vision was to bring a modern, world-class system while enhancing the travel experience for passengers.

Through years of research, development, and testing, the Vande Bharat Express took shape. Its aerodynamic design, energy-efficient features, advanced safety systems, and world-class amenities made it a trailblazer in the Indian railway industry. 

The train not only aimed to provide high-speed travel but also to deliver a seamless and comfortable journey, setting new benchmarks for the future of Indian rail transportation. Vande Bharat Train is India’s first express railway that checks all the boxes.

Vande Bharat Express Train

The Vande Bharat Express Train is also known as Train 18. It represents a revolutionary leap in India’s railway technology. 

Vande Bharat Express Train
Vande Bharat Express Train

Launched in February 2019, this high-speed Vande Bharat train has transformed the way Indians travel. It has also underscored the country’s commitment to innovation and sustainable transportation.

Vande Bharat Express Train Benefits

Vande Bharat Train is known for its speed, safety, and on-time schedule. It provides numerous advantages to the passengers –

  1. Speed and Efficiency: The Vande Bharat Train is renowned for its high-speed capabilities, reaching up to 180 km/h. This reduces travel time significantly, making it a preferred choice for long-distance journeys.
  1. Safety and Comfort: The train is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features. It includes anti-collision technology and fire-resistant materials. Spacious, comfortable seating and ample legroom ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.
  1. Eco-Friendly: Vande Bharat Train is an eco-friendly mode of transportation. It’s designed to be energy-efficient and reduces emissions compared to traditional trains.
  1. Amenities: Passengers can enjoy various amenities on board. These include Wi-Fi, infotainment screens, and a GPS-based passenger information system.

Features of Vande Bharat Express

Vande Bharat Train brings modern facilities for the passengers. Here are all the features you can avail after the Vande Bharat train booking.

features of Vande Bharat Train

  1. Modern Design: The train has an aerodynamic design that not only improves speed but also reduces noise and air resistance.

  1. Catering Services: It offers onboard catering services, including a pantry car serving delicious meals, snacks, and beverages.

  1. Bio-Toilets: The train is equipped with bio-toilets that are environmentally friendly, odour-free, and hygienic.

  1. Seating Configuration: This train consists of both executive and non-executive class coaches. These come with comfortable seating and large windows for panoramic views.

  1. Accessibility: It is equipped with features to enhance accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility.

  1. KAVACH Security System: The train has come up with the newest security system. This ensures that two trains don’t collide.

  1. Automated Plug Doors: The automatic doors in coaches seal themselves. This promises convenience and safety for the passengers.

  1. Disaster Lights: Each coach has four disaster lights for safety during emergency situations.

Complete Your Journey with Vande Bharat

Travelling is a serene experience and gets us excited in a blink. But what halts our breaks is to select the right conveyance. Whether to spend lavishly and book a flight ticket or go with the budget and hop on a bus? There is something that fits right in the middle – train. 

This transportation mode isn’t only pocket-friendly but also gives us a comfortable experience at all times. Although there are several train options, we have to search for the one that fits our requirements.

The Vande Bharat Express represents a significant leap forward for India’s railway system. With its high-speed capabilities, safety features, eco-friendliness, and passenger amenities. As the country looks to the future, Vande Bharat Express provides a promising glimpse into what high-speed rail can offer in terms of efficient, comfortable, and sustainable travel. 

Vande Bharat train ticket booking process is simple and can be done through the official IRCTC website or Rail Connect App. Once booked, you can check the train status and the latest updates on your ticket on IRCTC.

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