Kerela Itinerary for 5 days

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On the southwest coast of India, the beautiful city of Kerala, often known as “God’s Own Country,” is a paradise. Kerala provides travellers with an amazing experience because of its beautiful scenery, serene backwaters, rich cultural legacy, and varied animals. You’re in for a treat if you have five days to spare.

Since Tourist places in Kerala for 5 days, we’ll take you on a tour of this fascinating state. Kerala provides visitors worldwide with a distinctive and alluring experience thanks to its verdant green landscapes, tranquil backwaters, immaculate beaches, and vibrant customs on the Kerela Itinerary

The unique charm of Kerala is found in its ability to combine the old and the modern eloquently. Here, busy towns coexist peacefully with the quiet countryside, and traditional practices are still practised alongside modern ways of living.

Tourist places in Kerala for 5 days, have a unique character and its people’s commitment to maintaining their cultural heritage while embracing progress and development is demonstrated by the peaceful cohabitation in the state.

let’s Begin……

Kerela Itinerary for 5 days

Day 1: Explore the Kochi 

The Best View of Kochi Beach in Kerala

Begin your Tourist places in Kerala for 5 days by taking a flight to Kochi, and from here, your Kerala experience begins. The city has a thriving culture in addition to being rich in history. As soon as you land at Cochin International Airport, you can begin your exploration by going to the following locations on the Kerela Itinerary:

  • Kochi Fort: Visit Fort Kochi, a lovely area renowned for its colonial architecture, congested streets, and tranquil environment, to start your journey. Learn about the fascinating history of the recognisable Chinese fishing nets that line the coast. The oldest European church in India, St. Francis Church, may be found while strolling around the historic Fort Kochi neighbourhood.
  • Mattanachery Palace: Visit Mattancherry Palace, popularly known as the Dutch Palace, to take in the stunning Kerala murals and learn about their historical significance.
  • Spice marketplace: Avoid skipping a trip to Mattancherry’s spice market to experience the enticing aroma of Kerala’s renowned spices.
  • Rabbinical Synagogue: By visiting the Jewish Synagogue in Mattancherry, you can learn about the history of the Jewish community in Kochi. 

Have an overnight stay in the beautiful city to delve yourself into the serenity of peace and aesthetic beauty of the city to take back a bag full of authenticity and history, for Kerela Itinerary for 5 days begins first night from the city. 

Day 2: Kannan Devan Hills entrance in Munnar

Beautiful Kanna Devan Hills in Munnar

From Kochi, take an early morning bus or rental car to cover the beautiful 130 km journey filled with lush green tea plantations along the route. The second day is when you should leave for Munnar, a charming hill town tucked away in the Western Ghats.

Road travel time for this trip will be around 4-5 hours, but the breathtaking scenery along the way will make the time on this route with Kerela Itinerary for 5 days. You can also get an early morning bus at 5.30 from Kochi Bus Stations, which will drop you in Munnar at 9.30.

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For their vast tea estates, the Kannan Devan Hills are well-known. Some of the world’s most prized and exquisite tea is produced on these farms. Beautiful undulating hills covered with vivid green tea trees make up the tea gardens in this area. A common name for the tea grown here is “Kannan Devan Tea.” 

  • Falls at Valara and Cheeyappara: A halt at the Valara and Cheeyappara waterfalls must be made on the way to Munnar as it is one of the beautiful places in Kerela. A cool break is provided by these cascading falls, which also make for wonderful shooting opportunities.
  • Tea Plantations: You’ll on your journey will discover enormous tea plantations that cover the hills when you arrive in Munnar. Visit a factory that makes tea and go for a stroll through the tea gardens to feel the real tea culture and its fragrance with mesmerise you.

Have a night hold at Munnar as Munnar, a well-known hill resort would give a best experience to stay tourist place for Kerala in 5 days, is where you’ll find the Kannan Devan Hills.

Many people use Munnar as their starting point for exploring the Kannan Devan Hills, and while there, they frequently visit tea estates and gorgeous scenery. Upon arrival, choose from a variety of accommodations in Munnar, from comfortable homestays to opulent resorts.

Day 3: Exploring the Adventures of Munnar

Take advantage of today’s possibilities to experience Munnar’s scenic beauty and outdoor adventure places in Kerela

  • Eravikulam National Park: Visit Eravikulam National Park first thing in the morning to see the Nilgiri Tahr, an endangered species. Take pleasure in a beautiful walk to Rajamalai, where you can see these unusual species and take in breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Western Ghats.
  • Trekking, rock climbing, and zip-lining are a few of the things that Munnar has to offer adventure seekers. On the basis of your hobbies and level of fitness, investigate your possibilities. These adventure places in Kerela will take you into the thrilling experience that Kerela can offer you.
  • Echo Point: You can shout into the mountains from Echo Point and hear it echo back at you. It’s the ideal location for leisure because of the stunning surroundings and the tranquil lake.
  • Tea Museum: Learn more about Munnar’s tea history by visiting the Tea Museum. Get to know the region’s tea culture and history.

Have another beautiful stay at Munnar on Kerela Itinerary for 5 days to enjoy the beauty of the city. Plan a beach side resort to get the lively experience of nature’s closeness to embrace your memories with the natural beauty that Kerela has to offer its visitors. 

Day 4: Backwater Bliss in Alleppey

It’s time to see Alleppey’s serene backwaters, popularly known as Alappuzha, after experiencing Munnar’s highlands in Kerela Itinerary. Around 4-5 hours are required to travel the distance of 180 km from Munnar to Alleppey. At 6.20 in the morning from Munnar, you can even get a bus to reach down the city by 1.00 p.m. 

  • Having a stay on a houseboat: Make an advance booking of your houseboat. Soon after reaching the city, hop to set off on a houseboat tour of Kerala’s renowned backwaters. Savour the tranquil canals, beautiful paddy fields, and stunning scenery.
  • Traditional Keralan food: Eat delicacies made with fresh seafood and coconut, as well as other traditional Keralan fare, that are prepared on the houseboat.
  • Keep the night: A truly lovely experience would be to spend the night drifting on the tranquil waters beneath a starry sky.

The memorable stay under the shining skies in the middle of the waters in Kerela will lead you to a lifelong experience of thrill and beauty. These tourist places in Kerala for 5 days will lead you to a journey of natural beauty and delicacies. 

Day 5: Alleppey and departure 

Take the opportunity to further explore Alleppey on your final day in Kerala before leaving the last destination of your 5-day Kerela Itinerary.

  • Alleppey Beach: Visit Alleppey Beach first thing in the morning for a tranquil stroll along the shore and, if you’re an early bird, the opportunity to see a spectacular sunrise.
  • The church of St. Mary of Forane: Admire the stunning architecture of Alleppey’s St. Mary’s Forane Church, a notable place of worship.

You might have time to go last-minute souvenir shopping or spend a leisurely morning in Alleppey, depending on when you’re leaving at the end by Kerela Itinerary for 5 days.

If you are planning to go by air, then set back to cover the distance of 90 kilometres to the closest Cochin Airport to catch your flight.  

Days CitiesPlaces to Visit
Day 1KochiKochi Fort, Mattanachery Palace, Spice marketplace, and Rabbinical Synagogue. 
Day 2Munnar Kannan Devan Hills, Falls at Valara and Cheeyappara and Tea Plantations. 
Day 3Munnar Eravikulam National Park, Adventure Sports, Echo Point, and Tea Museum.  
Day 4 AlleppeyStay in houseboat
Day 5 AlleppeyAlleppey Beach, St. Mary of Forane Church, and Local shopping. 


With its unique combination of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and adventure places in Kerela, city delivers a truly remarkable vacation experience.

Tourist places in Kerala for 5 days, including the beautiful Kannan Devan Hills in Munnar, the serene Alleppey backwaters, and the ancient alleyways of Kochi will take you back with the bag full of memories and the eyes filled with the natural serenity in all directions.

The Kerela Itinerary for 5 days should be on every traveller’s bucket list since it has something unique to offer, whether you’re a fan of the outdoors, seek out new experiences, or are interested in culture.

With this Kerela Itinerary, prepare to travel to “God’s Own Country” and discover its delights with delicacies and beauty to have a lifelong experience blended of beauty, adventure, and culture.

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