5 Days Dalhousie to Dharamshala Itinerary in Budget

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Are you excited for an experience of a lifetime? Welcome to the Dalhousie to Dharamshala itinerary, your ticket to a fantastic journey through Himachal Pradesh’s breathtaking landscapes. 

We set up a budget-friendly 5-day tour that guarantees an extraordinary experience within your budget. You’ll investigate the charming Dalhousie and the peaceful Dharamshala, all while monitoring your costs. 

Get mesmerised by its magnificence, socialise with the friendly locals, and engage in this region’s distinct culture. Your process vows to be both financially warm and amazingly noteworthy. Thus, gear up for this Himalayan experience and relish each second!

Dalhousie to Dharamshala Itinerary

Day 1: Beginning Your Dalhousie to Dharamshala Itinerary

(approx. 200 km, 5 hours)

Your experience begins at Amritsar Air Terminal, where you’ll get a bus, and you all are good to go to the quiet town of Dalhousie. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of Punjab’s rural landscapes while travelling.

After arriving in Dalhousie, you can explore the town’s numerous sights, including the Panch Pulla, Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary, and St. John Church. Go for a relaxed walk through the beguiling roads of Dalhousie and drench yourself in its tranquil climate. It’s the first day of your Dalhousie-Dharamshala itinerary.

We have selected two of the most fabulous hotels for you, both of which are welcoming and offer top-notch amenities.

  1. Hotel Nature Valley costs ₹5,140 per night

Surkhigala Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, 176303 Dalhousie, India

  1. Grand View Hotel, ₹4,079 per night,

Near Dalhousie Club, Moti Tiba, Dalhousie

Day 2: Finding Dalhousie and Khajjiar

Today, you’ll set out on a trip to Khajjiar, frequently acknowledged as the “mini-Switzerland” of India. Here, you can enjoy different exercises like zorbing and horseback riding. Your day likewise incorporates visits to Ajith Singh Smarak and Satadhara Shining Springs. You’ll go through the night back in Dalhousie.

Note: In the event of heavy snowfall during the winter, the way to Khajjiar may need to be improved. On such an occasion, you might take an elective course at an extra vehicle cost, or you can investigate nearby attractions like Chamera Lake and Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary without causing additional costs.

Day 3: Dalhousie to Dharamshala itinerary (2 Evenings)

(Approx. 120 km, 4 hours)

After a generous breakfast, your journey proceeds to Dharamshala, previously known as Bhagsu, an otherworldly haven in Himachal Pradesh. It is midday when you reach the quaint town. You can tour the town’s temples, monasteries, and beautiful walks after lunch. You can also purchase some entities to bring home from the local market.

The night is yours for unwinding and appearing in the tranquil environmental elements. Partake in the serenity of Dharamshala. As part of your Dalhousie to Dharamshala itinerary, you’ll spend the night in Dharamshala.

The best hotels in Dharamshala at budget-friendly prices:

  1. Hotel Holiday Hill, 1,196 Per Night

Jogiwara Rd., McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala

  1. Hotel Pong View ₹3,044

Cantt Road Next To Kotwali Bazar, Dharamsala

Day 4: Dharamshala Local Gems

On this day, you’ll investigate the magnificence of Dharamshala. Your schedule incorporates a visit to Bhagsunag Sanctuary and the Dalai Lama Cloister. The majesty of Bhagsunag Falls will then enchant you and refresh you. You will go shopping for Tibetan handicrafts and local markets after lunch.

You will see local musicians perform traditional music in the evening. Your day will culminate with a satisfying dinner at one of the neighbourhood restaurants. At night, you can enjoy spending time at McLeodganj Market or loosen up, absorbing the serene feel. According to your Dalhousie to Dharamshala itinerary, you will spend one more night in Dharamshala.

Day 5: Wrapping Up Your Himalayan Trip

(Approx. 210 km, 5 hours)

As your extraordinary trip approaches its decision, now is the right time to leave your lodging promptly in the first part of the day and make a beeline for Amritsar. In the late evening, visit the notable Brilliant Sanctuary before continuing to Amritsar Air Terminal for your flight or train back to your old neighbourhood.

Your charming Himalayan experience finishes here, and with this, we close the Dalhousie to Dharamshala itinerary. We hope you enjoy exploring the mountains and have a safe trip home. We hope you will return soon to continue your exploration of India after having such a fantastic experience here.

Key Takeaways of Dalhousie to Dharamshala Itinerary


Select your facilities in Dalhousie and Dharamshala to upgrade your financial plan to accommodate the Dalhousie Itinerary. While the two towns offer a scope of choices, including inns, homestays, and lodgings, it’s crucial to select spots that offer reasonableness without forfeiting solace. 

Many affordable facilities in these towns provide spotless and comfortable rooms, as well as fundamental conveniences like heated water, agreeable beds, and cordial staff. 

Reserving a spot ahead of time is fitting, particularly during the peak vacation seasons, to get the best arrangements and guarantee a problem-free stay.


One way to keep your process practical is by involving public transportation for your movement between Dalhousie and Dharamshala. 

The street venture through the beautiful scenes of Himachal Pradesh is an undertaking in itself, offering you the opportunity to cooperate with local people and drench yourself in the staggering everyday excellence of the district. 

Public transport or shared taxis are promptly accessible and more affordable than private transportation choices. Moreover, going by open vehicle lets you diminish your carbon footprint and experience the nearby lifestyle.

Dalhousie, the city covered with clouds

Dalhousie provides a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The city is situated within the stunning Dhauladhar Range. Visit St. John’s Church first thing in the morning; it’s renowned for its exquisite architecture and serene settings.

Proceed next to Subhash Baoli, a natural spring thought to offer therapeutic qualities. Take a stroll amid the verdant surroundings and relish the peace.

Journey to Dharamshala

Travel through the picturesque Kangra Valley to Dalhousie and Dharamshala. The trip offers fantastic valleys and mountains vistas, making it a delight for nature enthusiasts. Visit Namgyal Monastery, the most prominent Tibetan temple outside Tibet, when you get to Dharamshala. Take in the serene atmosphere as the monks do their daily business.

McLeod Ganj is the City of Peace

In Dharamshala, there is a thriving and culturally diversified town called McLeod Ganj. Explore the Dalai Lama Temple Complex first thing in the morning, where you may take in lectures or take in the serene surroundings. Visit Bhagsu Waterfall after that. It’s a magnificent waterfall encircled by beautiful vegetation. Enjoy the peace of the surroundings while relaxing in the calm waters.

Dharamkot and Triund Trek

Trekking to Dharamkot and Triund is essential for adventure seekers. Triund is renowned for its expansive vistas of the Dhauladhar Range, while Dharamkot provides breathtaking views of the Kangra Valley. The spectacular vistas make the somewhat challenging trekking path worthwhile. Enjoy the peace of the highlands by spending the night camping under the stars.

Kangra Valley City of Forts

You must visit the Kangra Valley to experience the history of our ancestors. Explore the rich history of the area by visiting Kangra Fort, one of the oldest forts in India.

Discover the art and culture of Himachal Pradesh via the extensive collection of artefacts housed in the Kangra Art Museum. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed Kangra tea as you explore the quaint tea gardens to round off your journey.

Attractions in Dalhousie and Dharamshala

While arranging your Dalhousie itinerary, focus on essential visits to attractions in Dalhousie and Dharamshala to expand your experience while overseeing costs. Explore the opening times and section charges for these destinations ahead of time so you can dispense your time productively. 

A significant number of the attractions in these towns, like the Dalai Lama Cloister, Bhagsunag Sanctuary, and the Narasimha Temple, offer free confirmation, making them magnificent decisions for economic explorers.


The “Dalhousie to Dharamshala itinerary” gives you a point-by-point plan for a wallet-accommodating, 5-day venture through the Himalayas. It’s an opportunity to absorb the dazzling mountain landscape, find nearby practices, and gain enduring experiences, all while holding your costs in line. 

From investigating the enchanting roads of Dalhousie to encountering the peacefulness of Dharamshala, this schedule guarantees you won’t burn through every last penny. Thus, prepare to partake in the magnificence of nature, associate with well-disposed local people, and relish the unique culture of this area. 

Your experience anticipates it, and it’s intended to be reasonable and extraordinary. Take full advantage of every second of this spending plan for an amicable Himalayan excursion!

What is the distance between Dalhousie and Dharamshala?

The distance between the charming slope station of Dalhousie and the profound town of Dharamshala is roughly 120 kilometres while going by street. This street venture takes you through the beautiful scenes of Himachal Pradesh, offering excellent perspectives on rich green slopes and winding mountain streets.

When is the best time to visit Dalhousie and Dharamshala?

The best times to visit Dalhousie and Dharamshala are from spring to May to June. In winter, September to November. During these months, the temperature is agreeable, and you can appreciate outside exercises and investigate the district without outrageous intensity or cold.

 How can I travel from Dalhousie to Dharamshala by bus?

Taking the bus from Dalhousie to Dharamshala is a practical and affordable option. You can get state-run or confidential transport that runs alongside this course.

You will have the opportunity to take part in beautiful Himachal Pradesh excellence on this excursion. Dalhousie to Dharamshala by bus: the distance is 118 km and takes around 4-5 hours, contingent upon the particular way and street conditions.

How many days are sufficient for Dalhousie and Dharamshala?

It would require at least four days to travel if you wanted to see both locations to maximise your time. When you are in Dalhousie, you can extend your stay for a few days to complete the beautiful Triund trek or explore the charming town of Khajjiar.

Which are the best spots to stay, Dalhousie or Dharamshala?

The decision of where to remain, whether in Dalhousie or Dharamshala, relies upon your inclinations. A peaceful escape, Dalhousie is known for its provincial appeal and quiet climate. Meanwhile, Dharamshala is great if you’re into Tibetan culture or Buddhism. Keep maximising your visit by splitting it between these two cities.

Should I go to Dharamshala or Dalhousie first on my trip?

The request for your visit relies on your accommodation and itinerary items. There’s a bus station in Dalhousie, close to Amritsar; you can take a bus from there, a typical stopping point.

After investigating Dalhousie, they continue to Dharamshala. Nevertheless, you can begin your trip in Dharamshala and then head to Dalhousie. It’s entirely up to your inclinations and calculated contemplations.

How might I follow the Dalhousie to Dharamshala Spending Plan Agenda?

Consider a few strategies to enhance the acceptable agenda of the financial plan. Reserve cheap hotels, hostels, or inns in advance. Between Dalhousie and Dharamshala, public transit also provides a more engaging experience.

Plan your trip, taking into account section fees and opening hours, to fit within your budget. Thus, without going over budget, you may fully enjoy your Himalayan trip.

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