A Complete Guide to Celebrating Valentine’s Week 2024

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Valentine’s WEEK 2024 holds lots of significance for the love birds. It is also called the week of love and romance. It is the week when people celebrate with their loved ones and make their partners feel special.

It is considered the best time to propose to someone whom you like. Valentine’s week starts on 7th February and ends on 14th February. During this week lovers go on dates, gift their partner special love tokens, and cook special meals.

Celebrate valentine's day with your loved once 2024

Each day of the week has its significance. The week begins with Rose Day when people send roses to their partners or loved ones to show gratitude for their presence and express their love for them. The second day is Propose Day when people propose someone they like.

The third day is Chocolate Day when people exchange chocolates with their partners and crushes. Next comes Teddy Day when people send their partners and lovers teddy bears to make them feel special. Promise Day marks the fifth day when couples make promises to stay together in every situation.

The sixth day is hug day when couples hug each other and share their love. On the seventh day, Kiss Day is celebrated with fun and fervor. And finally on the 14th February Valentine’s Day is celebrated wherein partners show romantic gestures to each other and the week-long celebration comes to an end.

Valentine’s Day started as a Christian Feast Day to honor a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine but its meaning has got completely changed in the recent era. Now it is associated with romance and love.

Valentine Week List 2024

Let’s take a look at the detailed schedule of the Valentine’s WEEK 2024 celebration so that you can celebrate each day to the fullest without feeling confused about what special day is tomorrow.

Rose Day7 February 2024
Purpose Day8 February 2024
Chocolate Day9 February 2024
Teddy Day10 February 2024
Promise Day11 February 2024
Hug Day12 February 2024
Kiss Day13 February 2024
Valentine Day14 February 2024
#1 Valentine’s week Table

7 Feb, 2024 – Rose Day – Blossoming Affections: Celebrate Rose Day

On February 7th, the week-long Valentine’s WEEK 2024 celebration starts with Rose Day. It is a big day of love when couples exchange roses with each other. Roses symbolize love and are used as a secret tool for communicating your love to your partner.

Couples exchange classic red roses and pink roses are given to those whom you admire. Friends exchange yellow roses to express purely platonic emotions. The orange rose symbolizes passion and enthusiasm.

You can give it to someone whom you want to express the feeling of intense desire. This day basically is like a warm-up day to the week-long celebration. However, you can not only gift a rose to your partner or loved one.

You can also give a rose to your parents, or friends whom you love unconditionally. There are different ways to gift roses to your loved ones. Put some fresh roses in a beautiful candle jar, and gift it to your loved one. With a bit of hard work, this rose candle would be the perfect addition to your candlelight dinner.

8 Feb, 2024 – Propose Day – Declare Your Intentions: Embracing Purpose Day

February 8th is celebrated as Propose Day. This day is devoted to the tradition of expressing your feelings and proposing to the person whom you love. Valentine’s WEEK 2024 gives lovers a chance to take a step towards building a deeper connection. Many people like to celebrate this day in special ways.

They make special arrangements for the ones whom they love and take them to exotic destinations so that their proposal becomes even more special. Couples embrace this day’s spirit by crafting creative and thoughtful proposals. From elaborate surprises to simple declarations, the day is ideal for expressing your love in different forms.

You can choose poetic words or sing a special song for your loved one expressing your love to them. This day encourages lovers to get out of their comfort zones and declare their feelings openly taking their friendship to the next level.

Whether it’s a spontaneous expression of affection or a long-planned proposal, the day resonates with the essence of the purest form of love. So if you love someone or are romantically inclined towards someone this day is perfect to express your emotions.

9 Feb, 2024: Chocolate Day – Sweeten the Bonds: Indulging in Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9th all over the world. It marks the third day of Valentines WEEK 2024. Chocolates are the tastiest sweet delicaciesthat most people like to relish.

They also make one of the best gifts on any occasion. Since chocolates symbolize affection you can convey your love to your partner through them. On this day, you can gift your loved one chocolates ensuring your relationship always remains sweet.

Even if you’re married you can pamper your husband by gifting them a box of chocolate. Gifting chocolates on this special day is considered a sweet gesture and it is a way to ensure that the bonds of your love remain delightful forever.

Whether you’re expressing your love to your spouse, partner, or a dear friend, chocolates become a delightful expression of affection.

10 Feb, 2024: Teddy Day – Cuddles and Comfort: The Joy of Teddy Day

On February 10th, Teddy Day is celebrated. This special day is dedicated to the teddy bear which is the universal symbol of affection and comfort. This day adds tenderness and warmth to the Valentine’s Day.

Teddy bears make special gifts and are an excellent way to showcase romantic gestures. On Teddy Day, you can express your affection and love by gifting cuddly teddy bears to your loved ones.

These plush bears embody the comfort and warmth you want to convey to your loved ones. Gifting a teddy bear is considered to be a gesture of care and thoughtfulness, symbolizing your keen desire to provide comfort to your loved one.

Whether it’s a large teddy bear or a small one you can gift your partner these cuddly toys on Teddy Day to show your affection and love.

Teddy Day isn’t just for couples; it extends to familial bonds and families, making it perfect for celebrating the feeling of companionship.

11 Feb, 2024 – Promise Day – Pledges of Love: Making Memories on Promise Day

Promise Day is an integral part of Valentines WEEK 2024. On this special day, couplesmake meaningful promises to reinforce their bond. It is not only about making new promises but also reaffirming the existing ones to strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

You can give personalized gifts to your loved ones on this day to make them feel special. Couples can enjoy a romantic dinner at a high-end restaurant or prepare a meal at their home to celebrate this day in an intimate setting.

Promise Day is a heartfelt celebration of trust, love, respect, and the promises that solidify the bond between couples. Whether through shared moments, gifts, or wishes this day’s essence lies in the sincerity and strength of the promises made.

12 Feb, 2024: Hug Day – Embrace the Warmth: The Essence of Hug Day

On February 12th, Hug Day is celebrated all around the globe. It also marks the sixth day of the Valentines WEEK 2024. A hug is a powerful gesture to make your loved one feel comfortable and show your affection. This day emphasizes the importance of expressing your love through the act of embracing.

A tight hug can convey love, affection, closeness, and a sense of belonging that is difficult to express in any other way. It can also be a great way to end the misunderstandings in your relationship and give it a new start. Whether between family members, families, or partners a heartfelt hug can strengthen, mend, and heal the bonds that you share with one another.

It transcends beyond words, delivering your emotions to your partner. So, on February 12th, give a tight hug to your partner or loved one to make them feel special.

13 Feb, 2024: Kiss Day – Seal it with a Kiss: The Intimacy of Kiss Day

February 13th marks Kiss Day which is the perfect day to take your relationship to the next level. This day is perfect for lovers and partners to seal their flourishing relationships with an affectionate kiss.

A kiss symbolizes deep connection and intimacy, embodying emotions that can’t be conveyed through words. It is the perfect way to express your commitment, desire, and love to your partner.

Kiss Day celebrates the beauty of intimate gestures and gives you a chance to create lasting memories with someone special in your life. Whether it’s a sweet lip-lock, a gentle peck on the cheek, or a kiss filled with passion, it strengthens the emotional bond and communicates love in an intimate way. So express your deepest feelings to your partner on this Kiss Day with a passionate kiss.

14 Feb 2024: Valentine’s Day – The Day of Love: Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s WEEK 2024 is D-Day of the week-long celebration when couples do something special to express their love and affection for their partners.

Couples indulge in romantic surprises, thoughtful gestures, and heartfelt love declarations. It is the culmination of the week-long celebration through Chocolate Day, Rose Day, Propose Day, Teddy Day, Kiss Day, and Hug Day.

On this day couples exchange gifts, ranging from chocolates and flowers to sentimental gifts reflecting the bond they share. Intimate getaways, romantic dinners, and heartfelt letters are the highlights of this day.

So this Valentine’s Day celebrate the special connection you share with your loved one. It’s a day to reminisce about cherished moments, appreciate your love, and create new memories.

The origin of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for centuries. But it was not a whimsical holiday like today in the earlier era. The exact origin of this day is unknown but most theories attribute the celebration of this day to honor St. Valentine who was a well-known Roman Priest. The Catholic church recognizes two different St.

Valentines so it is difficult to find out about the real man behind this holiday. Both saints were martyred by Claudius in the thirteenth century. As per a theory, this day is celebrated in honor of St. Valentine of Terni who was very brave and courageous. Roman emperor Claudius II assassinated St.

Valentine because he used to perform Christian marriages secretly for Roman troops. St. Valentine of Terni also preached Christianity which was illegal at that time. He was therefore house house-arrested and asked to leave Christianity but he refused. During his sentence, he restored the sight of the jailer’s daughter, and the whole house converted to Christianity believing in the power of God.

The emperor got to know about this and became very angry. St. Valentine of Terni was executed on 14th February. On his execution day, he sent a farewell note to the jailer’s daughter wherein it was written “From your Valentine.” Later on, the church made this day a festival to remember St. Valentine.

Valentine’s Day fun facts

While most people send gifts and heartfelt messages on Valentine’s Day, Victorian-era people sometimes turned down a suitor using valentines. It was called a vinegar valentine.

·   Every year on Valentine’s Day 250 million roses are produced out of which red roses constitute nearly two-thirds of this number.

·   The best day to propose to your loved one is Valentine’s Day as the entire aura is very romantic and there are chances that your loved one will accept your proposal.

·   Not everyone is excited about Valentine’s Day. A YouGov survey showed that only 30 percent of Americans considered it a special occasion.

·   The heart shape and color red started showing up for the first time during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in medieval art.

·   The average money that people spend on Valentine’s Day gifts is around $200.

·   Valentine’s Day was celebrated for the first time in France.

·   People exchange around 145 million greeting cards for Valentine’s Day every year.

·   For Valentine’s Day, people buy over 58 million pounds of candy and chocolate.

·   The chocolate box was invented around one hundred and fifty years ago.

·   The term lovebirds is a common name for the Agapornis birds.

·   Most Americans buy treats, gifts, or chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

·   Men spend more on gifts and treats than women on Valentine’s Day.·   California houses the most chocolatiers in the world.

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