Best Hotels In Hampi

1 Kamalapura Palace

Nestled by the Tungabhadra River, this luxury resort offers a regal stay with panoramic river views and lush landscapes.

2. Hyatt Place Hampi 

Indulge in modern elegance with Hyatt Place. Enjoy expansive views of the surrounding hills and boulders, creating a tranquil escape.

3. Kishkinda Heritage Resort

Overlooking the rocky terrain, Kishkinda Heritage Resort provides a serene ambiance, allowing guests to unwind amidst nature's beauty.

4. Clarks Inn Hampi

Experience a delightful stay at Clarks Inn, where the rooftop restaurant offers stunning views of the Hampi skyline and historic ruins.

5. Shanbhag Towers International

Enjoy a comfortable stay with a view at Shanbhag Towers International. The elevated location provides scenic vistas of the surrounding landscapes.

6. Gowri Resort

Perched on the banks of the Tungabhadra, Gowri Resort offers riverside cottages with balcony views, allowing guests to immerse in nature's tranquility.

7. Krishna Palace

Relax in the heart of Hampi with Krishna Palace. The rooftop seating area provides a panoramic view of the Virupaksha Temple and surrounding ruins.

8. Hotel Malligi

Indulge in a blend of luxury and history at Hotel Malligi. The lush garden and poolside views create a serene atmosphere for a leisurely stay.