The Tribes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Great Andamanese

Once numerous, now critically endangered, known for their unique languages and hunting skills.


Indigenous to Little Andaman, their distinctive language and reliance on hunting and gathering set them apart.


A nomadic tribe with limited contact with the outside world, preserving their ancient customs and language.


Among the last uncontacted tribes globally, residing on North Sentinel Island, fiercely protective of their isolation.


Inhabitants of Nicobar Islands, known for their agriculture, distinctive language, and vibrant festivals.


Indigenous to Great Nicobar, their unique culture is characterized by elaborate dances and a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Nicobar Tribes

Several smaller tribes, like the Nicobarese, including the Nicobarese, Mappilas, and others, contribute to the archipelago's rich cultural tapestry.