Best Places to Visit in Dharamshala

The Namgyal Monastery, nestled in McLeod Ganj, is a serene spiritual haven and the personal monastery of the Dalai Lama, offering a glimpse into Tibetan Buddhist culture

Namgyal Monastery

–The Tsuglagkhang Complex is the heart of Tibetan spirituality in Dharamshala, featuring the majestic Dalai Lama Temple, Tibet Museum, and Kalachakra Temple, surrounded by lush gardens.

Tsuglagkhang Complex

The Bhagsu Waterfall, a short hike from McLeod Ganj, is a visual delight, cascading amidst lush greenery, offering cool respite and an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts.

Bhagsu Waterfall

Triund Hill is a popular trekking destination, granting trekkers mesmerizing panoramic views of the Dhauladhar Range, snow-clad peaks, and the Kangra Valley.

Triund Hill

–McLeod Ganj is a vibrant hub of Tibetan culture, where you can explore bustling markets, sample Tibetan cuisine, and visit the Bhagsunag Temple.

McLeod Ganj

The eco-friendly environment and breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar mountains make Dharamkot an ideal place for relaxation and self-discovery


Food enthusiasts can savor these unique culinary creations at local restaurants and cafes

Culinary Delights