Best Offbeat Places in Manali for your next trip to Manali

Enchanting Escapes 

Manali's Hidden Gems

"Ready to explore the unexplored? Join us on a journey to Manali's best-kept secrets!"

Distance: 32 km from Manali Nestled in the lush greenery, Jana Village is a quiet retreat away from the crowds

The Whispering Woods - Jana Village

Distance: 19 km + trek from Manali A high-altitude glacial lake that offers tranquility and mesmerizing views.

Serenity by the Water - Bhrigu Lake

Distance: 25 km from Manali Experience the untouched beauty and local culture of Chakki Village

Into the Wild - Chakki Village

Distance: 21 km from Manali A blend of European and Himalayan architecture, Naggar Castle is a historical delight

Architectural Marvel - Naggar Castle

Distance: 20 km from Manali Gulaba's colorful meadows offer a picturesque setting for nature lovers

A Floral Paradise - Gulaba