Top Hotels for a Serene Escape In Nianital

The Naini Retreat

 A heritage gem overlooking the Naini Lake, this retreat offers vintage charm, scenic views, and luxurious comfort. Indulge in colonial splendor.

Nestled by Naini Lake, Manu Maharani beckons with lakeside tranquility. Modern amenities, lake-facing rooms, and impeccable hospitality define this haven.

Manu Maharani

 Embrace classic comfort at Vikram Vintage Inn. A blend of modern amenities and Victorian aesthetics, it's a peaceful retreat amid the hills.

Vikram Vintage Inn

Step into colonial grandeur at The Pavilion. Majestic architecture, lush gardens, and panoramic views make it a perfect escape in the lap of nature.


Shervani Hilltop offers a Himalayan retreat. Surrounded by pine trees, it boasts cozy cottages, a spa, and a serene ambiance for a rejuvenating stay.

Shervani Hilltop

Victorian splendor awaits at Abbotsford Prasada Bhawan. A heritage hotel with regal interiors, it's a glimpse into Nainital's colonial legacy.

Abbotsford Prasada Bhawan

Experience contemporary luxury at The Royal Court. With modern amenities, picturesque views, and fine dining, it sets the stage for an opulent stay.

The Royal Court

This Lakeview Oasis offers unrivaled charm. The Naini Retreat by Leisure Hotels combines scenic beauty, plush accommodations, and warm hospitality.

Lakeview Oasis