Unfolding Europe - A Budget Tale

Best & Cheapest European Country to visit from India

Hungary's cost of living is significantly lower than Western Europe. Public transportation is cheap, and attractions like Buda Castle offer free admission days.

Budapest, Hungary  – The Budget-Friendly Beauty

In Bulgaria, the local currency, the Lev, is pegged at a favorable rate against the Indian Rupee, stretching the value of your money. Plus, dining and accommodation options are plentiful at lower prices.

Sofia, Bulgaria – Culture Without the Cost

Greece offers competitive prices due to its economic recovery efforts. Street food like gyros and local markets provide cheap yet authentic culinary delights, and many historical sites have combo tickets that reduce costs.

Athens, Greece – History at a Bargain

Portugal’s cost of living is lower compared to its Western European neighbors. You can enjoy inexpensive wine, seafood, and use budget airlines for inter-country travel.

Lisbon, Portugal – Economic Explorations

Poland does not use the Euro, which can often mean more value for visitors from India. Krakow is cheaper than Warsaw, with many cultural sites and local meals that are budget-friendly.

Krakow – Polish Prices, Precious Memories