9 Best Things to do in Goa

Formerly a historic fort, this magnificent palace has been meticulously restored to preserve its rich heritage while offering an unparalleled experience of luxury. The intricate architecture and royal detailing are a testament to Rajasthan's glorious past.

Experience the epitome of lavish living in the palace's sumptuous suites. Each room is a harmonious blend of regal aesthetics and modern comforts, offering panoramic views of the enchanting surroundings. Indulge in a royal slumber like never before.

Embark on a culinary journey that pays homage to Rajasthan's vibrant flavors. Delight your taste buds with a diverse array of gourmet offerings that celebrate local ingredients, served in an atmosphere that transports you back in time.

Your stay goes beyond opulent rooms and delicious cuisine. Immerse yourself in the heritage of Rajasthan with cultural performances, guided heritage walks, and curated experiences that unveil the secrets of the region's rich history.

Pamper yourself like royalty at the palace's indulgent spa. Let ancient wellness practices and modern therapies revitalize your body and mind in an ambiance of tranquility and serenity.